“I don’t want a chlorine pool, I want a saltwater pool.”

Saltwater or chlorine? I will be honest. If I had a list of the top 10 statements consumers when looking to add a swimming pool would say, this is one. The saltwater pool vs. chlorine pool debate stumps many homeowners. Which is better? And what does a saltwater system really entail?

Saltwater System Basics

Saltwater swimming pools are not chlorine-free. This is a common misunderstanding. Salt produces a chlorine gas produced through a process called electrolysis. How does a saltwater pool system work vs. a chlorine system? Here’s how it works.

Preparing Your Saltwater Pool

After we construct a concrete swimming pool, we wait 30 days after plaster installation and add fine food-grade salt directly into the pool. Our objective is for the salt to dissolve and create a dilution of salt with a range of 2600 parts per million to 3600 parts per million. This is less concentration of salt than what one would have in a teardrop. So, yes the water will have a slight taste of salt but very minimal.

Once we have achieved the accurate levels we will activate the salt water chlorinator. The operation of the saltwater generator is quick and simple to operate. There is a range of 5% – 100%. What does this mean? If the level was set to 50%, the salt generator is producing chlorine at 1/2 of the saltwater cells’ ability. Operating at 100% is commonly used to Super Chlorinate to help a pool’s water catch up to production.

What’s Next?

So to the science of how we take dissolved salt and make chlorine with the chlorine generator. The dissolved salt passes through the salt water generator which consists of metal plates. One plate would have a positive charge and the plate next to it would have a negative charge to it. 

With minimal current put to the plates, this will cause the salt to break up into hydrogen gas and hypochlorous acid. The hypochlorous acid then sanitizes the swimming pool water and eventually converts it back to salt. 

Major Advantage of Saltwater vs. Chlorine Pools

The biggest advantage is the salt reuses itself while the pool pump is running, constantly generating chlorine at the desired level selected. When selecting a saltwater system for your pool, our talented team will walk you through the advantages vs disadvantages. Feel free to ask us any questions you may have. We are here to help you build the backyard oasis of your dreams.

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